If you want a quick and easy way to increase your Chinese vocabulary - then check out these 14 "loan words" for a hassle free lesson
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Western Chinese language learners are quick to realise just how difficult it is to learn and memorise new vocabulary. The abstractness of an Asian language coupled with the complexity of tones, means picking up new words requires a serious amount of effort. 

Luckily for us, mandarin Chinese has a few good loan words that are easy to remember and a surefire way to boost our vocabulary. Here is a list 14 useful Chinese loan words that won’t take a week to memorise. 

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#1  sān míng zhì, or “sandwich” (三明治)


#2 bā shì, or “bus” (巴士)


#3 yōu mò, or “humour” (幽默)


#4 xiě pīn, or “shopping” (血拚)


#5  kòu yīng, or “call-in” (叩應)


#6 bù luò kè, or “blogger” (部落客)


#7 wéi tā mìng, or “vitamin” (維他命)


#8 qiǎo kè lì, or “chocolate” (巧克力)


#9 kǎ lù lǐ, or “calorie” (卡路里)


#10 bù dīng, or “pudding” (布丁)


#11 tǔ sī, or “toast” (吐司)


#12 shā fā, “sofa” (沙發)


#13 xiāng bīn, “champagne” (香檳)


#14 ná tiě, “latte” (拿鐵)


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