5 Taiwan YouTube Vloggers You Should Subscribe To


J-vloggers, K-vloggers and now T-vloggers. The Taiwan YouTube community has seen a huge spike in the number of foreigners moving to the beautiful island and sharing their journey. These big personalities chronicle their everyday lives, their mandarin language learning journey and the peculiar perks unique to Taiwan.

The T-vlogging community hasn’t been without its fair share of controversy. In 2018, streamer CJayride copped criticism for carelessly littering the streets that eventually led to him leaving TaiwanMore recently, YouTube pick-up artists David Bond and Explorer Nick contrived an elaborate plan to “troll” the local media and sparked backlash from Taiwan’s foreigner community.

Regardless of the minor controversy associated with T-vloggers, there’s no denying their meteoric rise on YouTube. Their popularity has cast Taiwan in a personable light and aided its growth in tourismSo, whether you’re a diehard YouTube subscriber or just a casual watcher, here’s our pick of 5 Taiwan YouTube vloggers you should subscribe to.

#1 Prozzie “keep your stick on the ice”

Prozzie is an authentic T-vlogger through and through. Hailing from Canada, Prozzie’s journey started in China first appearing on his friends’ YouTube channels. Prozzie along with CMilk “laowhy86” and Winston “serpentza” from ADVChina made a big impact in China video journaling their lives from unique perspectives.

In 2017, Prozzie made the long-awaited move to Taiwan where he continued to upload regular vlogs. His videos include interesting comparisons between Taiwan and China, edifying life stories (usually while riding his motorbike) and beautiful montages of Taiwan. All of Prozzie’s videos include his genuine and humorous touch which make for entertaining viewing.

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#2 This is Taiwan

The classic “foreigner living in Taiwan” YouTube vlog. This is Taiwan shares his living and travel advice for those interested in holidaying or making the move to Taiwan. His large catalogue of videos are up-beat and cover a wide range of topics.

Any topic related to living, doing business or dating in Taiwan, This is Taiwan has probably made a video about it. His videos are are well-edited, easy to watch and probably the best online resource available for information on Taiwan.

#3 M13 “hey guys, it’s M13 here”

YouTube’s original motor-vlogger and former top #100 YouTuber, M13 packs a lot of personality, opinions and scenic beauty of Taiwan into his videos. M13 originally achieved virality for his Rave Biker videos before focusing on voiced over motor-vlogging.

In 2014, M13 suffered a near fatal crash while on one of his guided tours that resulted in the break of both his legs and the loss of two fingers. Now you can catch him discussing interesting topics and talking about his life here in Taiwan while motorbiking around Taiwan’s beautiful countryside.

#4 lifeintaiwan

Allen “lifeintaiwan” blends English and his comical Chinese to discuss a wide range of Taiwan related topics. His videos are geared towards the local Taiwanese audience as a “foreigner in Taiwan” YouTube channel but entertaining for everyone nonetheless.

You won’t find drama or controversy here, but you will find an abundance of wholesome entertainment and useful information.

#5 TonyCapatch

You’re going to have to test your Chinese with this one. TonyCapatch is a lesser known T-vlogger with just over 5,000 subscribers. His videos however are of high-quality and embrace his own style.

His unassuming appearance hides his “near perfect Chinese.” Watch him walk around and interacting on the streets of Taiwan while switching between English and Chinese. All TonyCapatch videos have translations, so you can learn mandarin Chinese while enjoying his vlogs.

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