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Everyone who has been to Taipei knows that it has a lot offer in the food, lifestyle and culture departments. Beautiful memories of traveling and living are routinely created within the ambience that Taipei fosters.

Although if there is one thing missing, it’s a well-designed picture book depicting these wonderful traits. Luckily for us, Kathy from Tricky Taipei has sought to right this wrong and has created her very own Taipei inspired children’s picture book.

Hey Taipei children book page

Kathy and Hey Taipei origins

The idea for Hey Taipei was born after its creator Kathy was unable to find something similar for her own travels. Having a habit of buying picture books for friends, she was unable to find something similar for Taipei.

“After I moved back to Taipei, I shopped around for a cute picture book about our own city to give to friends overseas. Except there isn’t one in English, and the Chinese-language books didn’t have the same spirit of fun and adventure. So I thought, hey, I’m a writer. Why not write one myself? Taipei has so many unique and special sights. There’s so much about our city that should be shared with the world.”

Having the skills of a writer and inspiration from a brand new daughter of her own, Kathy created the Hey Taipei picture book.

Crowdfunding Campaign

To help fund the creation and to garner support, a  Hey Taipei crowdfunding campaign has been set up on Zeczec.com, hosted by Tricky Taipei. Here those interested can receive discounts on multiple purchases, reward bundles and also score tickets to the first live reading. 

Check out the Hey Taipei crowdfunding campaign here.

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