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Taiwan, the birthplace of the delicious bubble milk tea is seeing an evolution of its beloved beverage. A distinctive new style of bubble tea has been popping up all over Taiwan.

The half-sized cups are an eye-catching mix of golden brown, milky white and black bubble tea pearls. They first started showing up around October 2018 and have continued to rise in popularity.

So, is this new bubble tea craze here to stay, or is it a flash-in-the-pan?


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New cup, new flavour, new style!

The new “black sugar pearl milk tea” drink (黑糖厚奶) is defined by its thick milk, cooked brown sugar and half-sized cup. The cups have a new shape that is accentuated with brown sugar tendrils giving it a fashionable look.

The flavour is slightly sweeter than traditional milk tea which has lite milk and is usually sweetened with white sugar.

How do I get this delectable new treat?

It’s becoming increasingly easier to find brown sugar pearl teas as more stores add it to the menu. Specialty stores and chains alike are adding their own variations with the hopes of capitalising on the new trend.

If you’re looking for the original and don’t want to skimp out on quality, then you want to find one these three brands.

#JLD Dragon (吉龍堂)


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Price: 50 yuan

Tonghua Street Shop – Da’an
Address: No. 8, Tonghua Street, Daan District, Taipei City
Phone: 02-2701-3532
Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

#Xing Fu Tang (幸福堂)


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Price: NT$50

Taipei flagship store
Address: No. 126, Danan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
Phone: 0955-906-120
Opening hours: 17:00-24:00

#Tiger Sugar (老虎堂)


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Price: NT$50

Taichung No. 1 Middle School
Address: 7th Floor, Yizhong Street, North District, Taichung City
Phone: 0422-290-190
Opening hours: Mon to Thur 11:00-22:00 / Fri-Sun 11:00-22:30

If there’s one thing about Taiwan, it loves new food trends!

Some food trends stick around like the I-Mei Milk Tea (義美厚奶茶) at Costco, or the wu-ma (屋馬) restaurant trend. Others are distant memories, such as the Portuguese style egg-tart (pastel de nata), that left as fast as it came. So definitely try the pretty looking bubble tea while it’s here and judge it for yourself.

If you really want to up your Taiwanese game and binge eat like a local, then couple your new bubble tea with some local style fried fillet chicken.


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有冇人可以幫手補充一下幸福堂而家個情況?呢間係真幸福堂定咩?🤡 真真假假之餘,呢杯真係喺你面前炒住啲黑糖珍珠再兜口兜面沖出嚟,奶都係明治,但珍珠就真係幾好!夠入味,黑糖香,每粒珍珠都熟透同時又做到煙韌同軟稔適中…I mean 每年台茶野飲鬥一番的季節又要開始了🤡 . . #幸福堂 #弼街 #旺角 #台茶 #黑糖珍珠鮮奶 #即沖 #即炒 #黑糖珍珠 #唔好飲咁多 #雖然好飲 #xingfutang #hkfoodie #hkig #852foodie #mongkok #mongkokfood

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