Here are the best events across Taiwan for this week
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Tuesday, Shilin International Meetup @ Fiesta Restaurant & Bar

Tuesday is International Meetup day at Fiesta Restaurant & Bar. Every Tuesday LEIT hosts a social gathering for people of all demonyms to hangout, chat and practice languages together. If you’re feeling loquacious and looking for an early week shindig, be sure to check this out.
Time: 19:30 onwards
Entry: 200NT, includes drink

Thursday, Jams and Bands @ Triangle

Jams and Bands night is back on at Triangle. Each week hosts new local or international performance.
Time: 8pm onwards
Cost: 200NT with drink
Location: Triangle, MAJI MAJI集食行樂, Taipei, Taiwan 104

Sunday, HEY TAIPEI @ DaJia Riverside Park

The party people in the house are probably already aware of HEY TAIPEI. This Sunday at DaJia Riverside Park will feature an assortment of high calibre DJs, including world #1 Armin van Buuren. If you’re looking to get rid of your excess weekly energy, then grab your dancing shoes and be sure to book your ticket online.
Time: 13:00 to 22:00
Location: DaJia Riverside Park, Taipei
Tickets: Purchased online at ibon

Sunday, International Friends Meetup

For those not down to party on a Sunday night, LEIT is hosting the weekly International Friends Meetup at the Brass Monkey, Fuxing. This is always a great social event and you can be sure to have a great time while making new friends.
Location: Brass Monkey, No. 166, Fuxing N. Road
Cost: 150NT, includes 150NT food or drink voucher
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