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(Wednesday, 13) Shilin Language Meetup @ Fiesta Restaurant

Shiling Language Meetup Wednesdays @ Fiesta Restaurant
Brush up your polyglot skills

Every Wednesday is International Meetup day at Fiesta Restaurant & Bar. People of all domains and demonyms come to chat and practice languages together. If you’re feeling loquacious and looking for an early week shindig, be sure to check it out.

7:30PM - 10PM

Fiesta Restaurant & Bar,士林區承德路四段189號, Taipei

Free for foreigners with one drink purchase

(Wednesday, 13) Crazy Aquarius Party @ Another Brick

Crazy Aquarius Party @ Another Brick. TaiwanMe
What’s your star sign?

If you’re a believer that the stars are aligned for you to meet fantastic new people, then this is the party you want to be attending on Wednesday night. This astrology themed party is a LEIT event hosted at Another Brick, so you be sure to have a good time while exploring your horoscope defined destiny.

8PM - Midnight

Another Brick, 中正區辛亥路一段31號1樓 No.31, Sec. 1, Xinhai Rd., ZhongZheng

Free for foreigners


(Friday, 15) Thursday Blush @ B1

Explore your unrestrained freedom and express your inner-self

BLUSH is back again for Round #2 of Taipei’s newest queer party. Round #1 was a sensation and you can expect more of Taipei’s most flamboyant drag queens, dancers and queer performers.

11PM - 6AM

B1, 大安區市民大道三段198號B1, Taipei,



(Sunday, 17) Intro to Meditation Workshop @ Peacestreet Community Centre

Intro to The Art of Relating Meditation Workshop @ Peacestreet Community Centre
“Discover the nature of inter-being,” – The Wise Heart, Jack Kornfield

Join Simplyoga at the Peacestreet Community centre Feb 17 to gain clarity and stillness as we listen to our own breath more deeply. The workshop includes awareness building, meditation, a self-orientation exercise and open discussion.

4PM - 6PM

Peacestreet Community Centre

Voluntary donation

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