Top 5 Must Know Taiwanese Words


Knowing the local Taiwanese language is a useful accompaniment to your Chinese language learning. Having some Taiwanese words in your repertoire will not only impress your local friends, it will also help you appreciate traditional Taiwanese culture. 

So whether you’re in-love with Taiwan and want to know the local language, or whether you simply want to compliment your communication skills while travelling the far-flung regions – check out these top 5 must know Taiwanese words


#1 tshua-boo, or “get married” (娶老婆)

A verb that signals a guy is getting married.

Example: “When will your brother get married?”


#2 kiann phainn-se, or  (怕不好意思)

An adjective describing someone who’s too shy.

Example: You are too persistant asking her out. She will be too shy.


#3 m, or “not” (別)

This super useful conjugation can be added to the front of words to signal not.

Example: “I don’t care (no matter what!), I want to go with you.”


#4 ku-moo, or “picky” (龜毛)

An adjective that describes someone who’s too picky.

Example: “Why is he so picky?”


#5 kiat, or “stingy” (小氣)

An adjective that describes someone who’s very stingy.

Example: “He’s a super stingy person.”



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